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Guiyang HIDZ deepens high-quality development

english.guiyang.gov.cn |Updated: 2023-12-27 16:04:51

In recent years, Guiyang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Guiyang HIDZ) in Southwest China's Guizhou province has continuously enhanced the quality of its economic development, product, engineering, service, and environment, making "quality" a keyword for the zone's economic growth.

Since 2013, Guiyang HIDZ has introduced more than 10 policies, such as the "Guiyang HIDZ Enterprises' Chief Quality Officer System (Trial)" and the "Guiyang HIDZ Big Data Standardization Construction Implementation Plan," exploring methods to improve the quality and competitiveness of enterprises in its jurisdiction.

To date, Guiyang HIDZ has declared itself as a nationally renowned demonstration area for electronic basic components. It has also won approval for the construction of a national inspection, testing, and certification public service platform demonstration zone.

Since 2018, Guiyang HIDZ has been carrying out enterprise quality improvement work for six straight years, focusing on solving pain points and difficulties in product quality, service quality, and management quality faced by companies.

The zone strives to cultivate more quality benchmark enterprises with national and even global influence.

So far, Guiyang HIDZ has carried out quality improvement for 33 projects in 32 enterprises, reducing enterprise costs by more than 23 million yuan ($3.15 million) and increasing economic benefits by 62 million yuan.

This has resulted in quality solutions and achievements that can be learned from and promoted throughout the zone's enterprises.

Meanwhile, Guiyang HIDZ has been implementing an intellectual property strategy for many years.

By focusing on such areas as mechanism, policy, publicity, service, and protection, the zone has built a comprehensive IP demonstration park by strengthening organizational support, promotional training, service cultivation, and rights protection assistance.

This helps enterprises to achieve steady progress in the highly competitive market with their core competitiveness revolving around independent IP rights.

As of now, Guiyang HIDZ is home to 1,810 IP enterprises, possessing a total of 1,946 high-value patents.

Among them, 15 patents have been awarded the China Patent Award, and nine have been recognized as high-value core patent projects in Guizhou province.

Additionally, in order to promote innovation in big data technology standards and the development of the big data industry, the National Technology Standard Innovation Base (Guizhou Big Data) was officially established in Guiyang HIDZ in November 2018.

Since its establishment, the base has released a series of documents, including the "Guiyang HIDZ Big Data Standardization Construction Implementation Plan" and the "Guiyang HIDZ National Technology Standard Innovation Base Construction Work Plan."

These documents have established a regional big data standardization policy system, providing policy guarantees and incentive measures for Guiyang HIDZ's big data standardization work and base construction.

Over the past five years, the Guiyang HIDZ base has actively carried out various big data technology standard innovation projects.

To date, it has achieved 79 big data standardization results. This progress demonstrates the commitment of Guiyang HIDZ to driving innovation and development within the realm of big data.

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