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Guiyang HIDZ deepens high-quality development


Guiyang HIDZ has continuously enhanced the quality of its economic development, product, engineering, service, and environment, making "quality" a keyword for the zone's economic growth.

Measures set to strengthen foreign trade


China will step up efforts to stabilize foreign trade performance while improving the trade structure through a raft of policy measures.

Guiyang HIDZ firms benefit from rent reductions, exemptions


Resident businesses in Guiyang HIDZ have clearly benefited from its efforts to relieve pressure on their operations from the lingering impact of COVID-19.

Guiyang's tax reductions double in 2021


Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, implemented various preferential tax policies to better serve the real economy and help companies go global in 2021.

Guiyang HIDZ helps companies overcome financial obstacles


Guiyang HIDZ strives to offer services and help tackle problems for companies in the zone.

Infographic: How do expats pay taxes in China?


Expats working in China should pay individual income taxes. But don't worry, it's not that complicated.

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