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Visa-free transit extended to more visitors


China's 72-hour and 144-hour visa-free transit policies have been extended to visitors from 54 countries, with Norway being the latest addition to the list, an official from the National Immigration Administration said on Friday.

China to further improve its visa policies


The Foreign Ministry said on Monday that China will continue to improve its visa policies and actively create more favorable conditions to boost cross-border travel.

Foreigner's work permit application


Documents needed for application of foreigner's work permit.


China to downgrade COVID management starting Jan 8


Chinese health authorities announced late on Monday that they have decided to immediately rename the term "novel coronavirus pneumonia" to "novel coronavirus infection" and downgrade the management of the disease from category A to category B starting Jan 8.

Infographic: How do expats pay taxes in China?


Expats working in China should pay individual income taxes. But don't worry, it's not that complicated.

Classifications of foreigners' employment in China


​The State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) has set the classification standards for foreigners to work in China, established a feasible and pragmatic foreign talent assessment system concentrating on foreign personnel's ability, performance and contribution with an emphasis on market feedback, international peer evaluation and other market orientations.

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