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Guiyang HIDZ introduces 10.38b yuan in industrial investments in 2023


The 2023 investment promotion performance report for the Guiyang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone was recently released.

Guiyang HIDZ makes significant progress in business incubation


In 2023, Guiyang HIDZ attracted 31 incubation carriers and nurtured a total of 2,803 enterprises, making significant progress in business incubation.

Guiyang HIDZ deepens high-quality development


Guiyang HIDZ has continuously enhanced the quality of its economic development, product, engineering, service, and environment, making "quality" a keyword for the zone's economic growth.

Guiyang HIDZ makes strides in innovative development


Guiyang HIDZ has racked up a list of positive achievements in implementing the innovation-driven development strategy.

Guiyang HIDZ performs well in high-tech enterprise cultivation


Guiyang HIDZ has been actively pushing national high-tech enterprises' development, thus promoting high-quality economic development.


New-type industrialization boosts Guiyang HIDZ's high-quality development


Guiyang HIDZ in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, has achieved strong results in advancing new-type industrialization.

Guiyang HIDZ climbs two places on national ranking


Guiyang HIDZ ranked 37th on the 2022 list of national-level industrial parks, two places higher than in 2021.

Base in Guiyang HIDZ carries out Innovation China project


The sci-tech innovation department of the China Association for Science and Technology recently announced the first batch of 194 innovation bases of the Innovation China project.

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