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Guiyang HIDZ explores development of 'low-altitude economy'

english.guiyang.gov.cn |Updated: 2024-05-23 15:42:01

In recent years, Guiyang National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone (Guiyang HIDZ) has been exploring the development of a low-altitude economy, with various scenarios continuously emerging and numerous enterprises springing up.

The term "low-altitude economy" refers to a comprehensive economic model that operates within airspace below 3,000 meters, driven by low-altitude flight activities of both manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, and radiating across multiple fields.

As early as 2008, drone-filming technology had already taken Hollywood by storm, yet it remained a largely unexplored field in China.

Fueled by a passion for model aircraft, Wang Xun, a master's degree holder in information technology who had just returned from studying in Australia at around that time, teamed up with his classmates to form the Skyway team, dedicated to drone research and development.

In 2012, Guizhou Skyway Technology Co was established in Guiyang HIDZ, becoming one of the earliest civilian drone technology companies in China engaged in drone R&D and application.

Today, Guiyang HIDZ has accumulated significant expertise in drone R&D, manufacturing, and application, forming three major industrial ecosystems: aviation engines, micro-special motors, and electronic components. The industrial output has surpassed 10 billion yuan ($1.37 billion), laying a solid foundation for the development of its low-altitude economy.

Additionally, Guiyang HIDZ has attracted a cluster of high-quality enterprises such as PIX Moving, Skyway, Tuzhi Technology, and Dongfang Shiji, which excel in areas like unmanned driving, drone application training, and geographic information surveying, providing strong support for the development of various application scenarios.

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